We recently teamed up with The Japanese Shop– a fantastic store based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire- when they supported our latest Grand Tour Supper Club; ‘Journey Through Japan’. Owned by Jez and Hiromi Willard, The Japanese Shop supplies customers and corporate clients all over the world with their exclusive Japanese gifts.

Our Supper Club evening featured a delicious Japanese inspired menu, fascinating speaker and stunning décor provided by The Japanese Shop and after an incredible evening, a number of our guests expressed an interest in introducing Japanese style into their homes, so we’re delighted that our friends at The Japanese Shop have put together this blog- the first of a three-part Japanese inspired blog series-  filled with inspiration and advice on how to bring opulent Japanese flair into your very own kitchen!


Japanese cuisine and tableware is recognised and appreciated throughout the world. Many people enjoy the distinctive styles and flavours associated with the country, and traditional Japanese products have become stylish and oriental additions to British homes. If you’re looking to experience and appreciate Japanese style yourself, here’s how to some Japanese influences into your very own kitchen!    


The Japanese Shop Bowl


Japanese tableware can be everything from vibrant and patterned to minimalistic and simple, but remains recognisable around the world. Lacquerware is a huge feature among many styles of Japanese bowls and plates and has cemented its place in Japanese culture, with the craft of making it going back centuries in Japanese history. Made from the sap of lacquer, otherwise known as a Japanese Urushi tree, lacquerware has only gone from strength to strength in popularity.  

Lacquer Japanese plates and bowls are a wonderful feature in Japanese restaurants and kitchens, and the result is striking tableware that can add a whole new and inviting dimension to your dining room table. Ultimately, investing in a few pieces of lacquerware is a great way of injecting some Japanese flair into your kitchen!


The Japanese Shop Chopsticks


Chopsticks are a huge cultural feature associated with Japanese cuisine. If you’re looking to take a leaf out of Japan’s book, you could try eating your rice and/or noodle dishes with chopsticks. This is not only a little more fun than the usual knife and fork setup that we’re used to in the UK, but it’s also a great way of injecting some subtle Japanese style into your home. They also make a great addition to place settings even if you don’t plan on using them – perfect for impressing when you have guests round!


Alexander's Grand Tour Supper Club Japan

Alexander’s Journey Through Japan Supper Club


Japanese culture is known for its vibrant colours and beautiful patterns, and introducing these into your home can transform your interior space and add some brilliant style! Origami is the Japanese tradition of folding paper into different shapes – most traditionally a crane. Origami is really fun to do yourself, and the result is a beautiful decoration that you can proudly display throughout the house. If you have a dinner party or family meal, origami cranes make beautiful table decorations that are sure to impress. Just take a look at our Origami cranes incorporated in the wonderful display at Alexander’s Japanese Supper Club event – what a statement!


 To finish off part one of this blog series, we’d like to say a huge thank you to The Japanese Shop for their support and for the fabulous style tips!

Come back to Alexander’s blog page on Tuesday 21 August for part two and learn about the wonderful art of tea drinking and sushi making.