The Art of Tea Drinking & Sushi Making

We hope you enjoyed part one of our three-part blog series, ‘How to Bring Japanese Style into Your Kitchen’, from our friends at The Japanese Shop. We’ve already featured their style advice on lacquerware, chopsticks and décor, so if you haven’t read it yet, check it out by clicking the link above.

Welcome to part two, where we’ll be learning about the art of tea drinking and sushi making. If you spot something you love in these blogs, you can find it all available to purchase from The Japanese Shop’s amazing website.


Transform Your Tea Drinking
The Japanese Shop Tea

Drinking tea is incredibly prominent in the day-to-day life experienced in Japan, not to mention the popular matcha tea ceremonies held throughout the country. Due to its popularity, drinking tea is often enjoyed in beautiful Japanese teacups – something that is lusted over throughout the world.

As a nation of tea-lovers here in the UK, beautiful Japanese cups are a perfect addition to our kitchens! Introduce a few lovely cups to your mug collection and you can add some chic Japanese style to your kitchen. 

Sushi Making
The Japanese Shop Sushi Making

Sushi-lover? Why not try making sushi yourself? Sushi is a popular dish enjoyed by many people around the world, but nothing tastes better than homemade Sushi (aside from homemade Sushi in Japan, of course). Sushi doesn’t have to be terribly complicated, so you can certainly start off simple to introduce yourself to the making of it. Google the name of your favourite Sushi dish to find a recipe that you can have a go at. Alternatively, we’ve gathered a few simple sushi recipes on our blog at The Japanese Shop. It could be a fun process that you can enjoy with friends and family!

For those who fancy some Japanese cuisine but don’t fancy making it yourself, Alexander’s has a few lovely Japanese options on its menus!


Once again, we’d like to thank The Japanese Shop for their invaluable insight and support and we hope that you found inspiration in these blogs to recreate opulent Japanese styles in your home! Don’t miss the third and final part of our Japan-inspired blogs, as we teach you how to make Prawn Dumplings with Soy and Mirin Dipping Sauce, Alexander’s style.

Alexander’s has an internationally inspired menu featuring Japanese inspired dishes year-round, so book your table today to enjoy Espelette Peppered Tuna Sashimi with citrus salad and wasabi mayo or Panko Crumbed Monkfish with sweet soy and chilli dipping sauce, for an authentic Japanese experience.

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