If you joined us for our first birthday celebrations at Alexander’s Tropical White Party on 27 July, you will have hopefully visited our glitter body art and gold transfer tattoo stand to get glammed up and ready to party the night away.

Alexander's Tropical White Party

If so, you will have noticed that all proceeds from those sales are going to Great Mercy Orphanage in Kitale, Kenya and we just wanted to say a big thank you for the fantastic £197.55 that was raised on the night for this amazing charity. The centre relies solely on donations and volunteers, so any money raised is appreciated and makes a huge difference.

Funds raised for the Orphanage and Education Centre are used for food, textbooks, stationery, uniforms, hygiene items and lab equipment or they’re put towards electricity funds, new computers, creating permanent classrooms, beds, desks, repairs, staff training and expanding their on-site farm where they grow their own produce and raise cows and chickens for milk and eggs.

Great Mercy Orphanage | Alexander's Donations

Judith and Evans Mutange, Founders

Great Mercy Orphanage was founded by Judith and Evans Mutange, who in 2001 opened up their own home and took care of orphaned children.

Now, they have built a centre to educate, shelter and provide food and medication for the children, to set them up for a healthy and successful future.

“Throughout my childhood, my mother stressed the importance of education, but we struggled to pay my school fees. [Since then] everywhere I looked, I saw children who were not in school because they were unable to afford it. My heart broke for these children because I knew first-hand what they were going through. I began inviting them over for tea, hoping to encourage them and teach them the importance of education. From there, I began assessing where each child was at in their education and formed syllabuses for each of them.” – Judith Mutange

Great Mercy Education Centre has 151 students, ranging from early childhood to high school level with 14 teachers, teaching staple subjects as well as practical classes such as home economics.

“The students of Great Mercy are encouraged to rise above their circumstances and reach for the stars. One method used in the younger classes is positive reinforcement. When a child answers a question correctly, his or her classmates sing a song for them. You can see that child’s face light up when their classmates sing to them- they feel smart and special.” – Judith Mutange

Great Mercy Orphanage | Alexander's Donations

In 2013 our parent company, Peel Entertainment Group, donated lab equipment to their school and continues to raise funds for this wonderful charity.

Peel Entertainment Group produces entertainment for cruise ships all over the world, so many years ago they chose to support a charity overseas, to give back to the global community. They found that although there are millions of worthwhile causes, the passion and commitment of the team at Great Mercy Orphanage towards enriching the lives of children who need it the most, was incredibly touching.

If you weren’t at our Tropical White Party and would like to help the children at Great Mercy Orphanage achieve a better future, you can donate here.