Here’s a little something to satisfy those chocolatey cravings- warm, of course, to channel your inner ‘hygge’. We are sharing four of our favourite hot chocolate recipes for you to make at home.

If you’d rather sit back, relax and have your hot chocolate treat made especially for you, why not try a warming cup at Alexander’s.

From small Yorkshire roastery, Rounton Coffee, the award-winning Kokoa Collection is prepared using tablets of real chocolate sourced from single origins– each has their own unique percentage of cocoa, so you can tailor your hot chocolate to suit your individual tastes.


At Alexander’s, you can try: 

WHITE & VANILLA IVORY COAST A delicious white hot chocolate, sweet & creamy with natural vanilla from Madagascar and cocoa butter from the forastero beans for a smooth texture.


VENEZUELA A melt in the mouth mix of criollo & trinitario beans, this Venezuelan cocoa academy is a chocolate bronze award winner. A smooth hot chocolate with 58% cocoa, light & sweet with fruity notes.


ECUADOR Ecuador is a delicate hot chocolate with 70% cocoa, perfectly balanced flavour with light floral notes. For many, Ecuador produces the best chocolate in the world. Recognised by the great taste awards.


MADAGASCAR Full bodied hot chocolate, low in sugar. Madagascan cocoa is mostly grown in the Fambriano region in family-owned farms. Despite the high cocoa content of 82%, the high quality trintario beans lead to a finished drink that isn’t bitter & has great flavour.


How to Make an Award Winning Hot Chocolate at Home

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1. According to taste, place 2 or 3 tablets of chocolate in a serving cup.

2. Cover with boiling water and allow to soften for 15 seconds before pouring away the excess water. Alternatively, melt in a microwave for 30-45 seconds.

3. Heat approximately 175ml of milk to fill the serving cup.

4. Cover melted chocolate with a tablespoon of hot milk. Mix to a smooth paste.

5. Slowly whisk in the rest of the milk in stages.



Dark Haiti 75% cocoa hot chocolate.  Made as per recipe

20ml Grand Marnier (added to the milk and the melted chocolate)

A squirt of whipped cream (For added indulgence, you can infuse the cream with a dash of Grand Marnier and Angostura aromatic bitters)

Orange peel spiral and grated Haiti tablet to garnish



A hot take on a classic of white and dark chocolate liqueurs with brandy and nutmeg. The fresh nutmeg garnish adds a wonderful texture to this drink.

3 tablets  (2 white & 1 Ecuador). Made as per recipe

Ecuador 70% cocoa hot chocolate

White Chocolate and Vanilla


Fresh Nutmeg


Add 25ml Courvoisier with grated nutmeg on top



3 white chocolate tablets.  Made as per recipe

37.5ml Chambord

12.5ml Kahlua


The Kahlua is the key to this drink, it adds a very subtle but vital undertone. Without Kahlua the natural sweetness of the White Chocolate and Vanilla as well as the Chambord would be free to run wild!



Darkest Madagascar 82% cocoa hot chocolate.  Made as per recipe

Shot of black cherry Kirsch


Serving suggestion:

Whipped Cream

Grated Madagascar chocolate

Garnish with a Maraschino cherry


Other suggestions.. try with

Ameretto di Saronno, Kahlua, Rasberry, Coconut, Cointreau


Treat yourself to the best this #NationalHotChocolateDay